Podology treatment is the means that allows a podologist to reduce or eliminate a patient’s discomfort or pain.

The purpose of podology treatments is to decrease the thickening of the skin, eliminate any types of hyperkeratosis and perform a general examination of the condition of the skin and nails to understand the cause that has triggered the problem, i.e. incorrect shoe or support, etc.

Depending on the treatment method, regardless of whether wet or dry, treatment usually starts on the least painful point to allow the patient to get used to the idea and the environment.

If hyperkeratosis does not present inflammation it is usually painless to eliminate, or at least with much less pain.

After having treated any thickenings, the surface is cut and then moulded with a micromotor.

If after the thickening has been removed any epidermal redness is revealed, the red section must be covered with a non-woven patch.

This is to avoid contact of the treated part with the part that caused the problem as much as possible.

Lastly a good moisturiser completes the treatment, restoring an elastic tone to the skin.

The podologist can treat the following disorders:


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