Dr Lorenzo Andaloro

Dr Andaloro graduated in Podology from 2005 at the University of Florence.

He then continued his studies at the University of Barcelona (Spain), specialising in Sports Podology alongside the Barcelona FC football team, as well as in Biomechanical Diseases, in addition to obtaining an Official Master’s in Podologic Surgery.

He has participated in numerous updating courses and conferences.

He is always internationally up-to-date thanks to these conferences: in 2007 he participated in the World Congress of Podiatry in Denmark, Copenhagen, in 2009 in Manchester with an experience at the University of Salford, in 2010 at the International Podiatry Congress in Amsterdam, Holland, and in 2017 he participated in the international course for 3D Printing in Medicine in Frankfurt, Germany.

In particular he was a speaker at the World Health Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2014 and 2017, presenting his published and awarded scientific research on the Achilles tendon in football, dance and martial arts.

He is registered in the professional order of Spain under number 331.

Registered n.5 of the professional register of the podiatrist health profession, at the Order TSRM PSTRM of Florence Arezzo Pistoia Lucca Massa-Carrara, from 07/12/2018, with decide n. 2827