Diabetic ulcer

A diabetic ulcer is a continuous lesion that may affect skin, subcutaneous tissues and bone in relation to its size and severity.

These ulcers are most commonly located on the foot, usually involving the tops of toes, the articular joints of the interphalangealis, the metatarsal heads (plantar region), the heel, the bony prominences of the tibio-peroneo-astragalic mortar (ankle) and the leg.

When the foot is involved it can dangerously prolong the disease, as injuries to subcutaneous and bone tissues often occur with the presence of infections and fistulas that could also lead to amputations of the affected regions.

The role of a medical-health team is fundamental in order to undertake the best therapy.

The podologist’s collaborations with the Angiologist, General Practitioner and Diabetologist is very important.

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