Nail reconstruction

Prima e dopo ricostruzione resina

When faced with a typical nail problem, lack of or damage to the nail plate, thickened, limited or broken growth can be remedied with nail reconstruction with specific resins.


In addition to providing optimal aesthetic results, the nail reconstruction technique restores the growth of the nail plate. The result is a perfectly reconstructed nail which is similar to the patient’s other nails.

Nail rehabilitation, or ortonixia

Dopo filo al titanioOrtonixia is a treatment method that allows for the gradual rehabilitation of the nail plate. It is a corrective action for undesired or curved nails which restores their healthy and morphologically correct appearance.

The painful ingrown toenail will be rehabilitated in its growth, easing it out of the nail canal. This technique is carried out through the application of a titanium thread on the nail valleys through the polymerisation of a resin.

Dopo filo al titanio

The entire process is completely painless and the thread stays on the nail for at least 3 months (timing depends on the case). The nail is followed in all its progressions until the objectives have been reached.

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