3D insoles

The studio has an innovative machine for the production of 3D insoles.

The steps are:

  1. During the podiatry visit, understand what the problem is and identify the best insole for the specific case;
  2. Footprint taken in orthostatic position (standing) on ​​the latest generation laser scanner;
  3. Design and customization of the insole with dedicated software and open to continuous updates;
  4. 3D printing of the insole.

The advantages are many:

  1. Millimeter precision in the corrections given by the robotic arm.
  2. Repeatability over time.
  3. Resistant material and of different textures depending on the case.

“There is not a good arrangement on all, the best ever for the realization of the plant, but having it available provides an advantage for the right choice for solving the foot problem”.

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