Silicone orthotics

Digital silicone orthotics are indicated in cases of:

  • hallux valgus
  • hammertoes
  • varus fifth toes
  • adduced or overlapped curved toes with or without hyperkeratotic formations.

Silicone orthotics serve as both protection and aid, as well as compensation for the biomechanical development of gait.

They consist of two-component silicone materials with the highest degree of purity for medical and water-repellent uses.

Callus of the dorsal part of pinky toe

This is the most frequent callus, caused by the continuous rubbing of the shoe.

Callus of the phalangeal joints

These are classic calluses of overlapping or hammertoes; in fact, they are on the dorsal side of joints. Generally they are of the hard, vascular and neurovascular type.

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