Dr Linda Luppichini

Graduated in Exercise Science from the University of Pisa, with a thesis “Cardiovascular adaptations to physical exercise” with experience in neurological and rheumatic diseases.

She is a teacher of physical activity adapted to Fibromyalgia. After graduating in physical education, she attended the degree course in Podiatry in which she graduated from the University of Pisa.

During her university training, she did an internship at the OUs of Podiatry, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dermatology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Diabetic Foot.

She carried out an experimental thesis internship, attending the diabetic foot department in Pisa (regional reference center for diabetic foot) for 1 year.

The title of her thesis was “Thermographic evaluation of the viability of the plantar flap in trans-metatarsal amputations in patients with diabetic foot”.

She is currently specializing in the prevention and treatment of patients with diabetic foot.

During her university years, she participated in various podiatry congresses and phlebology courses for the lower limb, aimed at expanding and deepening the knowledge learned in the university environment.

She regularly participates in continuing education in medicine as required by professional legislation.

She is registered in the professional register of podiatrists with number 175.