Electromyographic exam

Surface electromyography with video recording is a useful diagnostic tool for analysis of the axes corporal both in daily and sports life.

The system is composed of wireless probes, which are applied on the skin and record the neuromuscular activity of the muscles.

It can study the activation of the muscles legs with the phase of the step in different types of shoes and / or orthotics.

Excessive pronation of the foot is caused by incorrect posture and can be the cause of a periostitis of the tibialis anterior, because this muscle works harder and is under a stress.

Use of electromyography before and after orthotic footbed therapy can give clear guidance on its effectiveness in compensating the mechanics of the foot.

Lifting the heel too early, incorrect mechanics of the foot and a short plantar muscles can cause Achilles tendinitis.

The study of nerve conduction on the gastrocnemius, during running, can allow us to understand whether changing the plantar support through custom-made orthotics and / or work at m

uscle level: in this mode we have a change in its activities during a time of steps, running, limiting stress.

The use of a video camera will allow us to study the biomechanics of movement in detail mode thanks to the possibility of replay of the images.

The revival of the subject in the video must be done from the front, rear and sides.

This registration will allow the study of potential instability, abnormal movements, specially of the lower limbs, the symmetry and the various offsets of the body.

This will enable to compare it over time with other future recordings.

Abnormalities in movement such as overpronation or a cavus accentuated arch that can be the cause of Achilles tendinopathy or posterior tibial.



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